Election Day Vision

November 4, 2008

As we head into this presidential election day, everyone knows that at the end of the day there will be some people dancing for joy and others who are broken-hearted.  As I sat last night and filled out my mail-in ballot (which I’ll drop off today) I did a short visioning on this upcoming election and where we’re headed.  Was I going to be a dancer or a broken heart? And what came to me so clearly was to not worry so much about what’s going to happen on this fine election day but to hold the vision.  The vision of a “‘country’ that works for everyone”.

In my visioning  it came to me as pictures of prosperity and a happy family.   To me, the happy family was an especially potent symbol – I could see the USA as a big, huge, happy family.  Not a bunch of clones all agreeing with each other but a big diverse family with lots of cousins and married in’s, all respecting and loving one another even during the disagreements.   I could see us all getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner – the kids are running around chasing each other, some Aunts and Uncles in the kitchen laughing as they get everything together, others in the family room talking politics in an intense but loving way, yet some more just coming in the front door being met with cries of joy.  Everyone doing their own thing but still part of the whole.

Can you see it too?  Help me hold this vision – let’s create it together.  Close your eyes right now and see our whole country as one big happy, prosperous family.  See it, feel it, know it to be so.

And so it is.


Ernest Holmes’ Books

October 28, 2008

The other day as I was volunteering in the CSL bookstore, a woman asked me which of Ernest Holmes’ books I would recommend to a beginner.  I suggested Science of Mind (as the obvious choice) and when she said she had that one already, I suggested Living the Science of Mind as the other book used in the Foundations class, which she had said she was hoping to take soon.  However both of those are big, thick books with lots of good information but I cannot honestly say they would be a great introduction to a beginner just trying to understand SOM on their own – at least if someone had recommended either of them to me back when we first started attending CSL I believe I would have made it about 10 pages in and then given up.

As I drove home I contemplated the other books by Ernest Holmes that I own and I realized that I read them all during this or that class and didn’t really have an opinion of them on their own, separate from the class. And so considering all of this, I have decided that I will reread each of these books over the next year and comment on them here on the blog as I go along.

So I just went downstairs and piled up my Ernest Holmes books and here’s the list, to be reread in no particular order :

  1. Science of Mind – I plan on getting the Original 1926 Version, which has been on my wish list for some time now and read that one
  2. Living the Science of Mind – I have to admit I’m dreading this one a little, for right now I plan on reading this one last and doing some prayer and releasing in the meantime
  3. How to Use the Science of Mind – The title of this one implies it would be a good “starter” book, so I’ll perhaps I should “start” here
  4. Can We Talk to God? also contains within it the text of the book, Effective Prayer
  5. Creative Mind and Success – this one is only 84 pages! and I remember it fondly; I’m looking forward to rereading this book
  6. Seminar Lectures – this is a borrowed copy which I haven’t read yet

So here’s to you Ernest Holmes and a year of reading material …..


Can Intuition Malfunction?

January 26, 2008

The Empowered Soul Blog has a great post on Intuition and getting unexpected results.  Here’s an excerpt:

You were guided to this interview, and it seems like it was a wonderful experience! You walked out of the meeting having connected to people, with a sense of confidence and joy. This interview created a wonderful energy within you. There’s no doubt that this energy will attract many other wonderful things into your life – mainly further connection to people, confidence, and joy!

But here’s where the mind jumps in, and begins attaching an outcome to this wonderful experience. Instead of remaining in this wonderful energy and cultivating curiosity and openness to what it would bring into your life, your mind decided that the experience would bring you a job. Specifically THIS job. And when this did not happen, the mind decided to invalidate the entire experience.


Spiritual Uplift 8/29/07

August 29, 2007
A Practice of the Heart! August 29, 2007
“To all treatments, no matter how intellectually or analytically correct they may be, there must be added this deep feeling and conviction that enable one to commune with the Invisible. “

–Dr. Ernest Holmes–

RURTR–these are the first letters of the names for the steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment or scientific prayer: Recognition, Unification, Realization, Thanksgiving, and Release. These are the steps that the Practitioner/scientist uses to align his or her thoughts with the one Mind of the Universe. However, as Holmes implies in the above quote, there is a deeper, broader understanding that Practitioners have of the divine process of manifestation. Just like an artist, Practitioners turn their awareness to the inner divine Muse and allow themselves to become a willing vessel for the artistry of Spirit to fill with its beauty and magnificence.

So many times we feel as though our prayers are unanswered; however, often the actual circumstance is that we are not prepared to receive our good. This is where the other connotation of RURTR comes in: Are You Ready to Receive? Here the Practitioner/artist becomes available as a open, purified channel for the bounty of Spirit to move through, thereby completing the preparations for divine manifestation to take place.

The Practitioners of the Community for Spiritual Living, whether newly licensed or in service for five years or more, are committed to using their gifts and talents on behalf of our radiant spiritual community, uplifting and inspiring all who come into their presence.

“This is what an artist feels. In a sense he weds himself to the essence of beauty and draws it into his own being until beauty becomes diffused through his technique and makes an imprint that the intellect cannot analyze.”

–Dr. Ernest Holmes–.

Chandogya Upanishad 8.1 2-3

If someone says to you,
“in the fortified city of the imperishable,
our body, there is a lotus
and in this lotus a tiny space:
what does it contain that one
should desire to know it?”

You must reply:
“As vast as this space without
is the tiny space within your heart:
heaven and earth are found in it,
fire and air, sun and moon,
lightening and the constellations,
whatever belongs to you here below
and all that doesn’t,
all this is gathered in that tiny space
within your heart.”

For the next few weeks we will be presenting (on topic) passages from The Science of the Mind – Original 1926 Text by Ernest Homes. It is our hope that this will provide a unique perspective on Dr. Homes own words. The text is now available at the CSL bookstore.

The great mystics have been illumined, that is , they have, at times, seen through the veil of matter and perceived the Spiritual Universe. They have taught that the Kingdom of God is NOW PRESENT AND NEEDS BUT TO BE REALIZED; and they have, apparently, sensed that this Kingdom is within….the Spirit within them has borne witness to the Truth.


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Love, Serve, and Remember,


Step 5: Release

August 24, 2007

We release these words now, Knowing in the Mind of God they are already completed. We let go and let God. Saying together … so it is.

On the Law of Attraction Universe blog Frank Butterfield has a great metaphor that can be applied to this step:

Imagine that you are holding onto a helium balloon.

This balloon is filled with all of your intention and desire. It has every piece of information about what you seek to manifest and attract to you.

If you hold on to the balloon, it will stay nearby and you can keep tabs on it. You can look at it, and think about it, and worry about it.

The problem is that nothing will ever happen if you keep holding on to it.

By releasing it to the sky, you are sending you desire and intention out to the Universe.

Similarly at the end of an Affirmative Prayer the last step is the Release. You know completely and fully that it is true, you’ve expressed your gratitude. Now let go and trust the process, trust the Law of Cause and Effect to work as it must.

So what balloon are you holding onto? Let go and let God.


Spiritual Uplift 8/22/07

August 23, 2007
A Community Supported through Practice! August 22, 2007

“There is a science of Mind and Spirit because there is a principle of Mind and Spirit.”

–Dr. Ernest Holmes–

We at the Community for Spiritual Living are celebrating the presence of licensed Religious Science Practitioners who support the Community with their time and talents. This past Sunday, as we welcomed our newly-licensed Practitioners into our Ministry, we had the opportunity to consider the Practitioner as scientist. Dr. Ernest Holmes, the originator of the Science of Mind and Spirit philosophy, used the term “science” to describe the process of manifestation and demonstration of our desires. He did so because we use spiritual laws and principles when we treat (pray), and they are as reliable and undeniable as the laws and principles of physics and mathematics. Licensed Practitioners use their knowledge of these spiritual laws to create an atmosphere of healing within their own minds, thereby beginning the manifestation process in the experience of their clients.

Religious Science Practitioners have the ability to see the divinity in all people, places, events, and circumstances, even when appearances seem otherwise. They also know that there is no limit to the magnificence of our being and stand ready to support, encourage, and uplift each of use in achieving our goals and dreams.

“The laws of this science are so simple, direct, and usable that anyone who cares to make the effort may demonstrate them.”

–Dr. Ernest Holmes–.

What Religious Science Teaches by Dr. Ernest Holmes

In the practice of spiritual mind healing, we start with this simple proposition: God is perfect. God is all there is. God includes humans. Spiritual humans are divine beings, as complete in essence as is God. When in thought, in contemplation, in imagination, in inward feeling, we consciously return to the Source of our being, the divine pattern which already exists springs forth into newness of manifestation. When we clear the consciousness–that is, the whole mental life, both conscious and subjective–of discord, we are automatically healed.

Religious Science gives us a definite technique for doing this. It teaches us exactly how to proceed on a simple, understandable basis. It is a science because it is built upon the exact laws of Mind, for the laws of Mind are as exact as any other laws in nature. They are natural laws. From a practical viewpoint, this is done by making certain definite statements with the realization that they have power to remove any obstacle, to dissolve any false condition, and to reveal humankind’s spiritual nature.

True mind healing cannot be divorced from spiritual realization; therefore, the practitioners of this science must have a deep and an abiding sense of calm, of peace, and of their union with the Spirit. They must have an unshakable conviction that spiritual man is perfect, that they are one with God, and they must know that in such degree as they realize, sense, or feel this inner perfection, it will appear. The physical healing itself is a result, an effect, of this inward consciousness.

For the next few weeks we will be presenting (on topic) passages from The Science of the Mind – Original 1926 Text by Ernest Homes. It is our hope that this will provide a unique perspective on Dr. Homes own words. The text is now available at the CSL bookstore.

Treatment is the act, the art and the science of inducing thought within the mentality of the one treating, which thought shall perceive that the body of the patient is a Divine, Spiritual, and Perfect Idea.


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Love, Serve, and Remember,


Step 4: Gratitude

August 23, 2007

Awash in the Magnificence of Sprit, in the Divine Power and Presence of God right now, I am profoundly grateful for all of our blessings. I am so thankful that we are all immersed in the One Source and completely, perfectly express ourselves as beautiful emanations of this Pure Love and Light. I am bliss-filled at the sweetness of this Truth for each and everyone of us.

Once you completely and utterly KNOW your prayer is true in the Realization, the next step in Affirmative Prayer is to express your Gratitude for this new truth.

Here is a less spiritual description what is essentially equivalent to the Gratitude portion of Affirmative Prayer:

He would say, “I thank the Universe for…” and follow this with a detailed description of his desired outcome. By using what I call his “Future Thanks” method, he was suggesting to both his conscious and unconscious minds that he was already in the future. Because it is not possible to say ‘thank you’ for something that has not yet occurred without shaking up one’s perception of time, in a sense this moved him into a state which was quite outside ordinary experience. Moving outside of our present concept of time obviously places us in a different position relative to creating what we want in our lives. We are, in a sense, accessing a different Reality when we do that. EFT & Future Thanks