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Shift your attitude

May 17, 2007

In this last week of our Prosperity Series, I’d like to share with you this post from Christine Kane Don’t GET Rich Quick. BE Rich Quick

Here’s an excerpt:

Stop for a second. The struggle, the grabbing, the getting – all of it is taking you out of this moment, and this great abundance that you are already experiencing. In this moment, what do you really need? I mean, now. Right here and now. What exactly do you really need?

Being rich, as I see it, can happen instantly when you recognize the depth of your life and the depth of your surroundings. When you can experience those things – really experience them – that is wealth. So many people want more more more, and they experience so very little of that more more more. They don’t even see below the surface of what’s in front of them.

This is not saying that you should just deal with your debt and hang out in the now, dude. This is saying that you can gently shift your attitude moment-by-moment and experience wealth and peace and then attract even more wealth and peace

She also has 10 rules on how to accomplish this. Some are small such as filling your gas tank up every time or good for a laugh like carrying around a million dollar bill or big as in feeling Gratitude – Be grateful for what you have in this moment but all can bring you closer to being in the flow of abundance.