Wake Up Now by Michale Bodian.

November 15, 2008

Wake Up Now by Michale Bodian. Bodian is a longtime meditator, former editor-in-chief of Yoga Journal, and has studied with many of the great spiritual masters of the time.  He says, “I’ve written this book for seekers…who are looking for guidance in plain language on the often prolonged and complex journey of spiritual awakening.”  Spiritual awakening means waking up to the experience, to the witness, to pure being itself, to the one who is eternally aware.

The point of spiritual awakening, says Bodian, is not to maximize your assets and minimize your losses, but to be free of attachment to gain or loss and to be peaceful and joyful in the midst of whatever life brings.

One of Bodian’s meditations instructs:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself living the awakened life.  How does it feel to go about your day seeing everyone and everything you meet as your very own Self?  How do you act when you’re merged with the flow of life instead of resisting it? Spend a few minutes allowing this visualization to unfold. How does it affect your experience of life when you open your eyes again?

What do you experience when you try this?


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