Election Day Vision

November 4, 2008

As we head into this presidential election day, everyone knows that at the end of the day there will be some people dancing for joy and others who are broken-hearted.  As I sat last night and filled out my mail-in ballot (which I’ll drop off today) I did a short visioning on this upcoming election and where we’re headed.  Was I going to be a dancer or a broken heart? And what came to me so clearly was to not worry so much about what’s going to happen on this fine election day but to hold the vision.  The vision of a “‘country’ that works for everyone”.

In my visioning  it came to me as pictures of prosperity and a happy family.   To me, the happy family was an especially potent symbol – I could see the USA as a big, huge, happy family.  Not a bunch of clones all agreeing with each other but a big diverse family with lots of cousins and married in’s, all respecting and loving one another even during the disagreements.   I could see us all getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner – the kids are running around chasing each other, some Aunts and Uncles in the kitchen laughing as they get everything together, others in the family room talking politics in an intense but loving way, yet some more just coming in the front door being met with cries of joy.  Everyone doing their own thing but still part of the whole.

Can you see it too?  Help me hold this vision – let’s create it together.  Close your eyes right now and see our whole country as one big happy, prosperous family.  See it, feel it, know it to be so.

And so it is.



  1. Thank you for this vision. I watched an interview with Martin Luther King’s sister after the election was finished. The process led to a wondrous healing beginning to manifest between white and black. I observed Rev Jesse Jackson and Andrew Young crying. I saw President George Bush visibly moved by the election of Barack Obama. This is what a conscious nation envisioned. The majority shaped the mold and it was filled to perfection. I’m a dancer but it really doesn’t matter. I choose this same family where all are welcome. Everyone. Hallelujah!

  2. What a great idea. I am actually curoius as to why you are not looking forward to reading “living the science of mind.?” The reason being is that I am currently reading that book and believe it or not, just this morning before work, I passed the 100 page mark. I am totally loving it and am so fascinated with his teachings as I have only know about Science of Mind for a year and 2 months! Any way, as a source of encouragement, I am enjoying it and know you will to! Many blessings, Daniel

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