Ernest Holmes’ Books

October 28, 2008

The other day as I was volunteering in the CSL bookstore, a woman asked me which of Ernest Holmes’ books I would recommend to a beginner.  I suggested Science of Mind (as the obvious choice) and when she said she had that one already, I suggested Living the Science of Mind as the other book used in the Foundations class, which she had said she was hoping to take soon.  However both of those are big, thick books with lots of good information but I cannot honestly say they would be a great introduction to a beginner just trying to understand SOM on their own – at least if someone had recommended either of them to me back when we first started attending CSL I believe I would have made it about 10 pages in and then given up.

As I drove home I contemplated the other books by Ernest Holmes that I own and I realized that I read them all during this or that class and didn’t really have an opinion of them on their own, separate from the class. And so considering all of this, I have decided that I will reread each of these books over the next year and comment on them here on the blog as I go along.

So I just went downstairs and piled up my Ernest Holmes books and here’s the list, to be reread in no particular order :

  1. Science of Mind – I plan on getting the Original 1926 Version, which has been on my wish list for some time now and read that one
  2. Living the Science of Mind – I have to admit I’m dreading this one a little, for right now I plan on reading this one last and doing some prayer and releasing in the meantime
  3. How to Use the Science of Mind – The title of this one implies it would be a good “starter” book, so I’ll perhaps I should “start” here
  4. Can We Talk to God? also contains within it the text of the book, Effective Prayer
  5. Creative Mind and Success – this one is only 84 pages! and I remember it fondly; I’m looking forward to rereading this book
  6. Seminar Lectures – this is a borrowed copy which I haven’t read yet

So here’s to you Ernest Holmes and a year of reading material …..


One comment

  1. The book I like to reread and have underlined a lot is This Thing Called Life. A couple of quotes that spoke to me, “Everyone seeks an inward sense of certainty, without which happiness and satisfaction are impossible. We all seek an inner awareness of something greater than we are, something so complete that we can find completion in it, something so vast that we may anticipate exploring its nature through endless eternities.” And “Since you (and I, we)are fundamentally a mental being, you (I, we)can think yourself into being unhappy and depressed, or you can think yourself into being glad.”

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