Step 5: Release

August 24, 2007

We release these words now, Knowing in the Mind of God they are already completed. We let go and let God. Saying together … so it is.

On the Law of Attraction Universe blog Frank Butterfield has a great metaphor that can be applied to this step:

Imagine that you are holding onto a helium balloon.

This balloon is filled with all of your intention and desire. It has every piece of information about what you seek to manifest and attract to you.

If you hold on to the balloon, it will stay nearby and you can keep tabs on it. You can look at it, and think about it, and worry about it.

The problem is that nothing will ever happen if you keep holding on to it.

By releasing it to the sky, you are sending you desire and intention out to the Universe.

Similarly at the end of an Affirmative Prayer the last step is the Release. You know completely and fully that it is true, you’ve expressed your gratitude. Now let go and trust the process, trust the Law of Cause and Effect to work as it must.

So what balloon are you holding onto? Let go and let God.


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