Step 3: Realization

August 22, 2007

Recognizing the Infinite Spirit that is within each and every one of us and within all life; and knowing One Source, One God, One Divinity; an Infinite Loving Intelligence in which All is Possible; and Realizing God as Pure Love and Light– an always present and always shining perfection. We recognize God as Source from which all life is created and bountifully supplied. We know God is all there is in each and every grace-filled moment.

The third step in Affirmative Prayer is the Realization. In the Recognition step, we know that everything is God, nothing is not God. In the Unification step we know that we contain all that is God which means we contain everything. In Realization we choose that part of the everything that we want to express. It is wholly my choice in this moment what part of God I will express in this moment. This is part of the Law of Cause and Effect which contains the Law of Attraction that is so popular now. By who I am and what I believe in this moment I create my future.

It has been repeatedly pointed out by serious thinkers on this subject that in order to bring about something you desire in the future, you must step into the future in an emotional sense, you must in a sense transcend time. To pay lip service to the concept of imagining something to be present which is not present right now is of course easy, but anyone conversant with the concept of “like attracts like” as expressed by the Law of Attraction, knows that you must be resonating with the very essence of that which you want in order to attract it into your life –– and this is not something that comes naturally to most people. Pat Carrington Using EFT with the Secret

This is essentially a description of the Realization portion of Affirmative Payer. KNOWING that something is true. It is important to stay in with this step until you know whatever you are praying for is true, completely and utterly true. If you are having trouble with this step, one possibility for change is to go to someone else who can know it for you. Pray with a Practitioner” after church is perfect for this or for a more in-depth session you can set up an appointment with a Practitioner for a Practitioner Session.


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