Step 2: Unification

August 21, 2007

In this knowing of Divine Oneness, I know God is in, through, and as me. I am one as God, Divinely filled and surrounded every moment of everyday. The beauty, peace, and wonder of God totally envelopes every part of my being. And in this knowing of Oneness, God envelopes all people in every moment, every condition and all circumstances, for God is all there is. We are all unique expressions of the One Mind, One truth and the One God.

The second step in Affirmative Prayer is Unification. Each one of us is one with God. The best example I’ve seen is the comparison to a hologram. If you take a little tiny piece of a hologram, it still contains the entire holographic picture within it. This is the unifications step – even though I am only a small part of the whole that is God, I contain within me ALL that is God.


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