Spiritual Uplift 7/4/07

July 4, 2007
The Picnic We Call Life! July 4, 2007

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson–

Tis the season–for backyard barbecues, swim parties, picnics, and other fun in the sun. So, what do you have in your picnic hamper? Insect repellent, sunscreen, dark glasses, an umbrella, a first aid kit? Or do you have a Super Soaker, some water balloons, the ingredients for s’mores, a Frisbee, and your baseball mitt? The former group of items may be valuable, even necessary, but the latter are evidence of your intention to have fun. The chance to be outdoors, enjoying Nature at her finest, is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the pleasure of living our lives more fully, more joyfully; an opportunity to forget ourselves and indulge in a little foolishness. What if we could translate that one-day picnic into a lifetime of joyful, carefree living?

Dr. Ernest Holmes, the innovative, focused, and profound thinker who devised the philosophy we call the Science of Mind and Spirit, was known by his contemporaries as a fun-loving man with a mischievous sense of humor. He made sure to include lightness and joy in his experience of life; can we students of Dr. Holmes’ philosophy do likewise?

“Each is drawing from Life what he (or she) thinks into It!”

–Dr. Ernest Holmes–.

From Your Soul’s Assignment by Rev. Chris Michaels

Have Fun

“Many people feel that God intended them to have a life of suffering and hardship, and is it any wonder that that is what they have?”
Dr. Ernest Holmes

God did not create your life as an experience for you to suffer through. Nor was your life designed as an obstacle course that you have to fight your way through. God isn’t cruel. It creates out of a desire for Self-expression–just as any great artist does. It creates manifestations of its own perfect ideas. Its only purpose is to express beauty, love, and joy.

Your life is supposed to be a joyful experience. You are not here to work hard, climb corporate ladders, or compete for your good. YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY IN LIFE IS TO HAVE FUN!

Surely any Creator that could make a giraffe and an anteater has to have a sense of humor. I have a friend that says, “If just one of the early Renaissance artists had painted a picture with Jesus smiling, maybe the Christians wouldn’t take everything so seriously.”

Statistics show that children laugh dozens of times a day more than adults. I think the reason is as adults, we’ve lost touch with some of the simple pleasures in life. We’ve forgotten how to laugh! We’ve forgotten how to play and have fun. Maybe that’s why we’re told that in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, we must become as little children. Perhaps we have to “unlearn” the ways of the world to reenter the center of joy.

Having fun isn’t a frivolous activity reserved for goofy people. It is a valid compass that you can use to keep your life on course. If your work is fun, then you’re in the right profession. If your relationships are fun, then you’re with the right people. If your life is fun, then you’re living the right way. Use joy as your compass to keep your life on track. Make having fun your number one priority in life.


Brute force, no matter how strongly applied, can never subdue the basic human desire for freedom and dignity. It is not enough, as communist systems have assumed, merely to provide people with food, shelter and clothing. Human nature needs to breathe the precious air of liberty.

-His Holiness the Dalai Lama-

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