Spiritual Uplift 6/27/07

June 27, 2007
  Celebrating Life! June 27, 2007

“Within us is the unborn possibility of limitless experience. Ours is the privilege of giving birth to it!”

–Dr. Ernest Holmes–

The Community for Spiritual Living was blessed this past Sunday to have as a guest speaker Mary Zalmanek, a long time member and friend of our Community and the author of The Art of the Spark. She spoke of celebration as adventure, as a way to honor the people and events in our lives by going beyond an everyday acknowledgment to a joyful and grateful recognition. This is easiest when we are celebrating the “positive” experiences; it becomes more difficult when we are experiencing what we feel are less desirable circumstances and encounters and separations. It is important to remember, however, that there are no positives or negatives in the divine, so the act of celebration uplifts our consciousness to recognize the good–God–in everything.

In the above quote, Dr. Ernest Holmes, the originator of the Science of Mind and Spirit, reminds us that the energy of opportunity to have an unlimited array of experiences lies within our own consciousness. It falls to us to decide the way in which we will manifest that energy in our lives. How wonderful it is to remember that we can choose to celebrate all of Life! The adventure of celebration is yet another way of acknowledging the activity of Spirit in our lives and of connecting with others in joy and gratitude.

“When we give from the heart, we do so out of a joy that springs forth whenever we willingly enrich another person’s life.”

–Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D.–.


Annual CSL Picnic – July 1, 2007
Just a reminder so you can mark your calendar, the annual CSL picnic will be held this Sunday, July 1, 2007 after the service. The location will be in Monument Valley Park. There will be more information during the service.

Reverend Charllotte invites all congregants to dress casually to the Sunday service on July 1 to avoid having to make the quick change in the car on the way to the picnic. Not advised by the CSPD!

Besides the Wednesday Uplift you can also listen to the Sunday presentation by going to the CSL Website, www.community-for-spiritual- living.com


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