Spiritual Uplift 6/6/07

June 6, 2007

Wednesday Spiritual Uplift

  Aligning to Our Prayer June 6, 2007

“There is a place within us which lies open to the Infinite, but when the Spirit brings Its gift, by pouring Itself through us, It can give to us only what we take.”

–Dr. Ernest Holmes–

Many times when we pray, it can seem like our words go unheeded by the universe, and our prayer goes unanswered or is answered in a manner we never intended. What went “wrong?” We who are students and practitioners of the Science of Mind and Spirit know that nothing has gone “wrong,” no prayer goes unanswered. Our thoughts form a mold into which the creative energy of Spirit pours. If we pray desiring a six-figure income, and our thoughts limit the mold to four figures, we receive the lesser amount. If we are experiencing a disease and pray for a healing, but our unconscious thinking doubts that perfect health is possible, the outcome may look like something less than vitality and wellness. However, when we pray from a place of absolute faith that whatever we desire to experience in form is already ours in consciousness, and the prayer is an intention to align our thinking with the abundant creativity of God, that place within us that lies open to the Infinite is filled to overflowing with that which enhances our expression of life.

Remember that a seemingly unanswered prayer is merely a prompt to examine where our thoughts are out of alignment with our desires. As we bring our consciousness into harmony and accept–and expect– the most perfect outcome, our mental mold increases in capacity, and we receive that which has been ours all along.

“Everything we think, say, and do is a prayer, and every bit of it is having a direct and significant effect on our lives.”

–Dr. John Waterhouse–.

Next Sunday: The Mind Body Connection

Has your mind gone one direction and your body the other? Do you sometimes feel out of sync with your body. Please join us Sunday, June 10, 2007 for a special talk by Reverend Wanda on how to bring into harmony the body and the mind.

This will peak your interest for her upcoming class that will assist you with the Mind Body Connection!


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