Spiritual Uplift 5/23/07

May 24, 2007

Wednesday Spiritual Uplift

  Prosperity: Expanding our Concepts of Abundance May 23, 2007

“As much life as [we]can conceive will become a part of [our]experience.”

–Dr. Ernest Holmes–

This week we bring to a close the Prosperity program at the Community for Spiritual Living; however, instead of leaving all of the messages and conversations regarding abundant living behind, we recognize this time as the opportunity to continue to move forward in a new consciousness of our true wealth. We have planted the seeds of a garden of opulence and beauty that will grow lush and healthy as we water it with our faith and our understanding of the oneness of all creation.

We are reminded that the means normally used to measure our abundance–money–is a symbol and an indicator of our consciousness regarding our personal divinity. Money in and of itself has little or no intrinsic value; its worth is contained in the way we use this divine tool to obtain that which enhances our experience of life and that of others. When we choose to expand the flow of abundance in our lives by giving generously and receiving gratefully and by deepening our understanding of the divine process expressing as us, we amplify the blessings in all areas of our experience.

“When you begin to see things from the high perspective of the ever-presence of God- substance, you will be in the creative flow of abundance, which will bless your life with sustained affluence.”

–Eric Butterworth–.

Understanding Abundance within Our Community

As we close out the prosperity programs for this year the Stewardship Core wants to thank Jennifer Wilde and Connie Martin for their leadership. We want to thank Reverend Charllotte for four profound talks on the principles of prosperity (these are available to listen to on our website). Finally, we want to thank all of our members who filled out pledge cards to give us the information required to set our plans and budget for 2007.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

—Merl Wallace, Stewardship Core Chair—



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