Wednesday Spiritual Uplift by Paula George

May 16, 2007
  Honoring the Divine Mother May 16, 2007

“Spirit is the Father-Mother God because It is the Principle of Unity back of all things.”

–Dr. Ernest Holmes–

This past Sunday was Mothers’ Day, a time to honor our earthly mothers; those people who “mothered” us; those who give birth to products, processes, and projects; and the nurturing aspect of Spirit within us all. This aspect of Spirit is vital to the creative process; known as the “Womb of the Universe,” this feminine, receptive part of the Divine is the fertile medium into which a creative idea passes on its way to becoming manifested. Like a seed whose destiny is to become a flowering plant, a divine thought must have a nurturing environment if it is to fully develop and express. In the above quote, Dr. Holmes says that the masculine/feminine nature of God is the image of the Unity Principle of the universe, meaning that both the creative and the receptive aspects of Spirit are essential to the wholeness of all creation. Mothers’ Day offers us the opportunity to more deeply understand the nature of Spirit and the divine creative process as exemplified by mothers.

“Some ‘non-mothers’… contribute ambition, hope and expertise, time and a sense of self to the child. After all, isn’t that what a mother is all about?”

–Erma Bombeck–.


Understanding Abundance within Our Community

We are well into our prosperity program at CSL and we want to personally thank all who have turned in their pledges. If you have not turned in your pledge to date there is still time. May 20th will be our last week of the prosperity program and we will then move forward with setting the budget for next year.

We base the CSL annual budget primarily on the pledges indicated during the prosperity program. What we can accomplish inside and outside our community will depend in large part on your careful and loving commitment to our philosophy, philanthropy, and vision.

As we have heard during our wonderful presentations on prosperity over the last three weeks, we are an expression of our collective consciousness related to the wealth of our community. The Stewardship Core believes that CSL will prosper and grow this next year with your support. Once again we say, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

—Merl Wallace, Stewardship Core Chair—


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