Quote: Get what you want most

May 10, 2007

Here’s a quote from Catherine Ponder:

The word “receive” means “to accept.” Psychologists tell us that we can have anything we can mentally accept, but that we must mentally accept it first. A great part of the act of receiving is to accept the good you want mentally rather than fighting it mentally…

Giving is the first step in receiving. When you want to receive, give! However, there are three kinds of giving. All three are equally necessary to your long term growth and success.

First. Give to God, Put Him first financially. Why? As explained in Buddhism and elsewhere, this is the first quality to be developed in your character on the road to Enlightenment. Many conscientious people study self-help methods galore, yet do not receive the benefits from them that they should because they ignore this first step…

Second. Give to yourself. Yes, open your mind to receive by giving to yourself, because all progress begins with self-improvement. It is just as possible to overgive to others as it is to undergive to yourself. Overgiving to others and undergiving to yourself unbalances the law and keeps your good from coming through. You must first give your allention to the improvement and development of yourself before you can possibly help others

Third. After giving to God and to yourself, then give something to someone else. After you give something to someone else, bless whatever it is that you give. Bless the person or persons to whom you gave it. Then release both the gift and the recipient. Any man, woman, or child can transform his life by transforming what he gives out — what he gives to God, what he gives to himself, and what he gives out to others…

Many of the blessings you want most are within your reach! By your acts of giving, you open the way to attract the blessings you desire. These blessings have probably been waiting to reach you, but they were blocked by your own lack of giving. There was no free channel through which they could pass.

Catherine Ponder “Open Your Mind to Receive”


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