Spiritual Uplift 5/9/07

May 9, 2007

By Paula George

“Get your mind off the idea of making a demonstration in life. Center your awareness on a deeper sense of life, and the demonstration will begin to make you.”

–Eric Butterworth–

The Community for Spiritual Living was honored and blessed this week to have as a guest speaker our longtime and dear friend Rodney Scott, the Stewardship Core Coordinator for the United Centers for Spiritual Living. The wit and wisdom Rodney shared about prosperity in our individual lives and the life of our community were a potent reminder of how our lives unfold according to our beliefs and expectancies. The only thing that stands between us and our unlimited abundance is ourselves, our own sense of lack or unworthiness. When we are willing to surrender those beliefs and attitudes that hold us back, we begin to experience the opulence of the universe throughout our lives, whether it be in our financial matters, our relationships, our health, or, ultimately, our understanding of our divine possibility.

We can’t waver if our intention is to manifest divine perfection and prosperity. We must constantly think on these things: the Presence within and around us, Spirit’s constant reproduction of itself without limit, the joy we experience in both giving and receiving, and the gratitude that is the catalyst for the change we desire in our lives.

“This chalice of the heart is held up that the heavenly flow may fill it with God’s abundant life.”

–Ernest Holmes–.


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