Wednesday’s Spiritual Uplift 5/2/07

May 2, 2007

“As we bring ourselves to a greater vision than the range of our present concepts, we can then induce a greater concept and thereby demonstrate more in our experience.”

–Ernest Holmes–

We are moving into the second week of our Prosperity program at the Community for Spiritual Living, and we continue to deepen and broaden our understanding of the infinitely abundant universe in which we live. In the above quote, Holmes is speaking of mental equivalents–our ability to imagine beyond the appearances of today to the possibility awaiting our acknowledgment and acceptance. Do we have a picture in our minds of what prosperity we desire to experience? What does our abun-dance look like: a slow and stately minuet; a graceful pas de deux; a two-step; a soft-shoe; the Twist; the Swim; the Limbo? The universe will follow our lead!

When each one of us chooses and sets an intention to move forward in the unfolding of our prosperous experience, we create a collective consciousness that permeates and uplifts the whole of CSL. As we increase the abundance consciousness for ourselves and our spiritual community, we raise the vibration of thought around the world. Never doubt that we make a positive difference!

“Anything that will enable us to express greater life, greater happiness, greater power–so long as it does not harm anyone–must be the Will of God for us.”

–Ernest Holmes–

Author: Paula George


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