God is Peace by Ernest Holmes

March 7, 2007

God is Peace. This Peace which God is belongs to us and is some part of our spiritual nature. Whatever God is in the Universal, we are in the particular. The nature of God is incarnated in every living soul.

The Peace that is within you is not something separate from God. It is not something that bombards you from without. This Peace is something that expands from within. Always this Peace has been in you. Always this Peace has nestled at the center of your being, ready to reveal Its Perfection and Harmony.

Because Peace is within you, It is available. If It were somewhere else you would never find It. Act as though Peace already possessed your soul and It will possess it. Act as though Peace already emanated from your spirit and It will emanate from it. Speak Peace into confusion, and your Peace will heal that confusion.

This Healing Power is to be used and not merely believed in. There is a vast difference between believing in this Principle and using It. To believe in and understand this Principle is essential to the use of It.

Peace is at the center of your own soul; It is the very Being of your being. This Peace which is at the center of your being has never been disturbed. It has never been afraid. It never desired to harm anyone; therefore, It has never been hurt. How, then, shall you use this great gift which nestles at the very center of your being?

You are to use It consciously. You are to speak the Word of Peace wherever discord appears. And when you speak the Word of Peace let no doubt arise in your thought. You must know that Peace stills the tempest. You must know that your Peace has all Power because It is the Peace of God within you.

Special thanks to Paula George for this and her weekly contributions to the CSL email newsletter.


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