Pulled out of a snowdrift…just at the right time

January 8, 2007

Last Thursday I was at DIA for a flight to leave before the next storm. The only parking places that I could find in the outlying parking had snow banks in them. I thought, since I had an Outback and because it was the designated car all Christmas in Denver, there would be no problem. Wrong! I got stuck, with my car at an angle in the space and 2/3 of the car hanging out in the driving lane. I was unable on my own to get it unstuck and there no people around to help. I decided to leave it because I needed to catch my flight. Monday as I was leaving Spokane, I said a prayer that I would be able to deal with the stuck car with ease and that whoever was to be of help would be very obvious to me. I looked around on my flight and saw no one obvious. At baggage claim and on the shuttle, I saw no one obvious. I was pulling my bags along and turned into my row. At the same time from the other direction turning into my row was a Security truck followed by a tow truck. We converged at my car. They were coming to tow my car because it was “in the way” Interesting that it had been that way for four and half days but now was the time. They put the chain on my car and pulled it out with ease. I was on my way with no hassle and without delay. Thank you, God.

– Karen Dannewitz, CSL Practitioner


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