New Years Affirmations Rather than Resolutions

January 2, 2007

Each year many of us start out by reflecting on the past year and then setting a group of New Year Resolutions. Most of the time they are forgotten by January 5th. Why? Here is a starting point for consideration. Webster’s defines ‘Resolution’ as the act or process of resolving. They also say it is the act of determining. This might be our best clue as to why resolutions go by the wayside. We are looking for a way to get to a higher point without first affirming that it is already ours.

Within the teaching of Ernest Holmes we have come to see that an ‘Affirmation’ is a visualization of what we desire in serving our highest good as though it is already here and now. It is a faith in our connection to Spirit and that Spirit is unlimited in its resources. It is a reality that we know we are in the process of experiencing. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to set an Affirmation in the Universe before we resolve on some way to get there? See it first and then move your feet. For those who have already seen Affirmations demonstrate in our daily life we take time to use this tool to expand good, love and perfection within and without.

The New Year offers a wonderful time to set significant Affirmations in your life and for the lives of all other creatures in God’s universe. I open this topic to solicit your Affirmations for the New Year. Share what you are comfortable in sharing, but know that it will inspire us all.


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